The Gold Rate in India is Rising

India by the day is making itself more and more of a international gold juggernaut. India's gold rush is rising more than any other country across the past 10 years. This is mostly due to vast increases in consumer gold demand from India's ever increasing population at now over 1.1 billion, second only to China.India is now the largest consumer of gold believe it or not. Gold is a major precious metal just about all over but in India gold is even more important than everywhere else.

India's consumer need is so high because gold plays a big part in Indian society, gold is a top gift to give to family and relatives for birthdays and other special events. Jewelry need in India increased 35% in the 4th quarter in 2012 from 2011 alone. The gold rate in India shows no look of coming down, experts think the gold demand will only go up. There was an act to rise the gold tax in India although that has since fallen through and gold remains just as easy to get as before in the region, because the gold rate in India is the same.

This increased consumer demand chained together with increased demand on investing in gold creates a better time than ever to start investing in gold. India's population is growing faster than any other major, so gold looks to have no signs of coming down, the rate can only continue to increase like it always does for the past 100 years, it would be wise to buy gold now while the rates are so low around the world. There is almost no risk in with investing in gold, and gold has the very best liquidity when you need to get money so learn about the gold rate in India and purchase some gold now! 


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